Aluminum Doors and windows

It simply represents you!

Need to stand out of the more traditional buildings with wooden doors and windows? BuildsMO provides the best alternative, providing you astonishing doors and windows made with the finest aluminum found in Sri Lanka. Our range of aluminum doors and windows could give your building a fresh look, while ensuring the durability for times to come.

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All Types of Ceilings

From conventional ceilings to suspended ceilings, we at BuildsMO specialize in a variety of ceiling types. Using the best materials most fit for any type of construction, we at BuildsMO are known for our perfection in building world class ceilings with a profound durability. Making beauty and function complement each other, we are pleased to serve you at any type of ceiling needs.

ACP Cladding

In modern buildings and architectural designing, cladding walls are commonly used for a number of advantages. Mostly cladding are used for office and business buildings where the rich and professional appearance needed. It provides a much quick and clean surfaces while it’s much easier to clean and maintain. Wooden and various types of metal cladding boards are in the market and we provide a vast range of designs and techniques with cladding for your premises.

Aluminum Pantry

It’s the pantry which makes your day relaxed more than any other place in your home. It needs to design and arranged much carefully to preserve the easiness for working and also to look beautiful and smart. There are many methods of modern pantry designing and the latest and famous solution is aluminum based pantry. The durability, designs and long lasting qualities make aluminum pantries much famous for modern house and building designs.